Drosophila Gold Collection

Last updated January 31, 2012 The DGC Gold collection is comprised of clones with verified full-length ORFs, and will be useful for proteomic applications. By comparing finished DGC clones with the Release 5 annotation (FlyBase r5.32) of the genome, a subset of 11,121 clones representing 10,274 genes (74% of the predicted D. melanogaster genes) that match amino acid sequence throughout the entire open reading frame (ORF) have been selected and rearrayed to produce the DGC Gold collection. A description of the methods used for selection is described in the Genome Biology article A Drosophila full-length cDNA resource. The collection will continue to grow as sequencing of the DGC progresses.

Collection Availability

The complete collection is available from the DGRC

Gold Collection Contents

Download Single table of clones comprising the Gold Collection organized in 96-well format. Download Multiple FASTA file of the Gold Collection cDNA full-insert sequences.