Citing the BDGP

Much of the data from the BDGP that is available from this web site or other outlets has not been published in the traditional sense of peer-reviewed papers. This raises the issue of the appropriate way to cite this data in your publications. It is our intent that you be able to fully utilize BDGP data in your work and we are committed to distributing this data widely and rapidly. In return, we ask that you cite the BDGP as the source of BDGP data in any publication. We have received several inquiries on the appropriate way to do this. Some specific examples are given below:

D. melanogaster Genome

Adams et al. Entries in GenBank databases can be cited in the same way you would cite any publication, giving the authors, date and accession number. In addition, genomic sequence should be cited as Celniker et al. 2002 Genome Biology 3:research0079.1-0079.14.

Data on BAC and P1 clones: Data based on the BAC physical map should be cited as Hoskins, R.A. et al. 2000 Science 287:2271. Data based on the P1 physical map should be cited as Kimmerly, W., K. Stultz, S. Lewis, K. Lewis, V. Lustre, R. Romero, J. Benke, D. Sun, G. Shirley, C. Martin, and M. Palazzolo, 1996 Genome Research 6:414-430. Additional data reported since that publication should be cited as "Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, personal communication". The correct reference for these later P1 localizations is "Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, personal communication". The reference for the chromosomal position of ~2,300 P1 clones that were mapped by in situ hybridization to form the framework P1 map is Hartl, D.L., D.I.Nurminsky, R.W. Jones and E.R. Lozovskaya, 1994 PNAS 91:6824-6829. Additional P1 in situ hybridizations needed to complete the physical map were being carried out by the BDGP Cytogenetics Core.

Drosophila Heterochromatin Genome Project

Sequence finishing and mapping of Drosophila melanogaster heterochromatin.

EST Sequencing

The ESTs should be cited as Stapleton et al. 2002 Genome Researh 12:1294-1300.

Drosophila Gene Collection

Full-length cDNA sequences should be cited as Stapleton et al. 2002 Genome Biology 3:research0080.1-0080.8. Revisiting the protein-coding gene catalog of Drosophila melanogaster using 12 fly genomes.

Universal Proteomics Resource

Development of expression-ready constructs for generation of proteomic libraries.

Gene Disruption Project

Data on the in situ hybridization position of individual P elements and their genetic characterization, unless otherwise indicated in the comments field of the P element text window, should be cited as Spradling, A.C. et al. 1999 Genetics 153:135-177 and Spradling, A.C., D. Stern, I. Kiss, J. Roote, T. Laverty, and G.M. Rubin, 1995 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 92:10824-30, which summarizes the sources of all the lines as well as our experimental approach and initial results. The BDGP-assigned name of that line (e.g. l(2)07162) should always be explicitly stated, if only in the Materials and Methods section. The lines that were used by the BDGP in this project were donated by a number of laboratories; for any particular P element its original source laboratory is indicated by the reference given in the reference field of the P element text window. You may also want to cite this reference.

Another issue regarding the lethal P element insertions is the name of the gene identified by the insertion and the policy on renaming that gene. Mutations caused by the P element insertions, when they do not obviously correspond to a previously defined mutation, have been assigned official FlyBase gene names that correspond to the line name (e.g. l(2)07162). You should include this name in any publication utilizing the line; this is not simply a stock number, it is an official gene name. If you characterize the gene mutated by a particular P insertion, it will often be appropriate for you to assign a more descriptive name. However, remember that you are renaming a gene and indicate the original name in your publication.

Data on the EP controlled misexpression project lines should be cited as BDGP, unpublished and as Rorth, P. et al. 1998. Development 125:1049-1057 and Rorth, P. 1996. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 93: 12418-12422.

Expression Patterns

Please see the FAQ page on for information on how to cite.


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