Figure 5 Analysis tools. (A) Primer selection in the Genome browser. The user has asked the browser to design PCR primers suitable for amplification of the region selected within the Sequence Map window. The results are shown above. In the Sequence Map window, sense and antisense primers are displayed as maroon and blue arrows, respectively. In the Sequence Display window (bottom right), the sequence for the sense primer recommended by the primer selection program is highlighted in yellow. (B) Restriction mapping in the Sequence browser. The user has pressed the Rest. Sites button at the top of the browser window. This action has activated a new browser window (shown at the left) that permits selection of restriction enzymes. The user has selected three: AclI, AhaIII, and EcoRI. Sites for these enzymes are shown in light blue, magenta, and green, respectively. Note that these sites in the original map window are marked along the linear map, and that they are also highlighted in yellow within the Show DNA window.