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About BioViews

BioViews are Java programs that show views of Drosophila Genome Project data at different levels of detail - from entire chromosome maps to nucleotide sequence data.

The BioViews programs are applets - software your browser downloads from our server when you visit a BioViews applet Web page, or when you press a "show display" button after running a text-based query on our database.

BioViews applets run inside your browser, which won't let the applet read from or write to your machine. When you quit your browser, the applet quits, too.

Your browser provides an "operating environment" for an applet sort of like MacOS or Windows do for ordinairy applications. The part of your browser that runs Java is called a Java virtual machine (JVM). Browsers vary in how well this JVM was implemented.

Printing and Saving

To print a BioViews display applet, make a "screen shot" of the applet and save it to a file on your hard drive. This file is also sometimes called a "screen capture" or "screen dump."

Next, use a graphics program (like Photoshop) to open the image file. Use the graphics program's "print" and "save" functions to print the image or save it in a different format.

If you can make screen captures and know how to use standard graphics software, then you should be able to use BioViews images in figures, slides, etc.

Mac and Windows computers come with screen capture support pre-installed. Follow the links below for details:

Screen shots on Macintosh

Screens shots on Windows

Browsers and Java

To use BDGP Java software, you should download and install a Web browser that supports Java 1.1 or later. Although some BDGP applets will run in older browsers, our latest software can't start unless your browser is fully JDK 1.1-compliant. If you look in the Java console and see an error message about it not finding java/awt/event/ActionListener.class, that means that your browser is not advanced enough to handle Java 1.1.

Mac users: Applets (such as GeneSeen) run best with Internet Explorer 5.1 on Mac OS X. Please see the running BioViews on Macs page for more information.

To find out which OS your Mac computer runs:

How to get more help

If you have trouble running the BioViews applets, please send us the following information: